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A bath blend to attract and nourish the energy of love and romance.

A bath + body potions that is formulated using  essential oil for cleansing, healing and pampering one's energy. Unique blends that are able to uplift your mood & stimulate your senses whilst conditioning and repairing the skin.  Pink is the perfect color to use to bring a strong shift of energy into your environment as well as being the universal color of love, which along with the fire element essential oils promote love, communication, physical strength,  purification, and protection

Our Bath soak is ideal for...

• Naturally exfoliating skin
• Protects skin against premature aging
• Helping to improve the texture, tone & appearance of your skin
• Helping fight skin damaging free radicals
• Helping skin stay hydrated, soft and supple
• Promote calm and relaxation
• Suitable for sensitive skin



How to use.

Pour desired amount of bath salts under warm running water and allow to dissolve fully before carefully stepping into the bath.