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Claimed to be a gentle alternative to retinol, bakuchiol, boasts the same anti-ageing, acne-fighting benefits… and there’s scientific proof to back it up.
What is it?
Bakuchiol oil is a Seed Oil and traditionally used in Ayurveda for treating dermatological conditions
A.plant derived, natural alternative to vitamin A it has been found to have both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, 
So, during lock down I made it my mission to put these claims to the test.
Since  2019 this wonderful wonderful natural oil has been popping up everywhere and having used it for 8 weeks I can see and feel why.
I'm not only impressed with the skin benefits I have found, especially around the neck area but impressed by everything that has been written about this oil that support the claim this oil is as effective as retinol.
One recent open-access independent clinical study, published in the British Journal of Dermatology is pretty impressive.
A randomised double-blind trial that lasted 12 weeks reported some serious results (link below)
Bakuchiol is just as effective as retinol in stimulating collagen production,” says Dr. Dendy Engelman, a board-certified dermatologic surgeon and New York-based dermatologist. Bakuchiol was formulated into a finished skin-care product and was tested in a clinical case study by twice-a-day facial application, according to Dr. Engelman. “The results showed that, after 12 weeks of treatment, significant improvement in lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, elasticity, firmness and overall reduction in photo-damage was observed.”

British Journal of Dermatology.

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