Why can skin care be so expensive

Why can skin care be so expensive

Skincare is often viewed as a luxury. With social media and magazines covered in high-end brands, famous faces and exquisite packaging, it can often feel self-indulgent and excessive to treat yourself to skincare products. Prices for the biggest names in the skincare industry can also run pretty high, pushing skincare products down many people’s list of priorities. Spending up to £80 on a tub of facial moisturiser seems extortionate - so why exactly are the prices so high?


The simple answer is - they shouldn’t be. The cost of luxury skincare products often aren’t a reflection of the quality or effectiveness of the ingredients involved. When a product has a high price tag, sometimes it can simply be a case of paying for a big brand name. The biggest skincare brands strive to maintain their luxury status and compete with other brands by ensuring their prices always remain high. Additionally, many skincare products are packed with formulas of complex cutting edge ingredients created in labs, and the creation and testing process all have an impact on the price point. Once the products have been formulated, they then need marketing - and the glossy packaging, branding and social media content, and editorial/ digital advertising all form additional costs. Essentially, when you invest in expensive skincare, you’re often just paying for the image and reputation that comes with it, as opposed to the effectiveness. 


Here at Belenos, we want things to change. We don’t think that skincare should be inaccessible, unaffordable and elitist. We’ve taken a more stripped back approach with our minimalist products, to ensure that the most important things take centre stage. The ingredients we use are all completely natural and sourced ethically. Our products don’t contain any complicated ingredient names - every essential oil, flower extract and natural butter has a name you’ll recognise and understand. 


We also ensure our packaging helps us to keep costs low. Our packaging is recycled and recyclable whenever possible, our packaging wrap is biodegradable, and our receipts and invoices are always electronic to avoid paper waste. We’re also based in an eco-friendly space, creating our products from a minimalist log cabin. 


Essentially, we want to let our products do the talking, and keep all our prices as low as possible to ensure everyone can try Belenos out. We want to evolve constantly to fulfill our users’ needs, so we recently entered our popular Intensive Elixir into the Free From Skincare Awards to receive some all-important customer feedback - and our pricing was mentioned by numerous testers. 


‘I was absolutely shocked at the extremely reasonable price of this. It smells, feels and delivers like a much more expensive oil and just added to my love! Lovely natural, simple ingredients. Packaging appeals to all and the value for money is excellent.’


‘I was really amazed to find out that this product is only £12! The branding, packaging and amount of ingredients lead me to believe that it would be a much higher price point.’


Skincare is such an important part of caring for your body, and high-quality natural skincare should be affordable for everyone - which is why we wanted to shed some light on pricing within the luxury skincare industry. We pride ourselves on creating beautiful, effective products for all different skin types - but don’t just take our word for it. Try out Belenos products in your own skincare regime, and let us know if it makes a difference.

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