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Working with the moon's different energy influences - cleansing, intention-setting, taking action, releasing and renewing's

A box to recharge the mind body + soul. perfect for an enhanced bath or daily meditation.

Each box includes 

FLOWER CLOUD A bath bouquet of vibrant + soothing botanicals for deep pore purification +:skin hydration. Rich with natural minerals that vitalize  the skin, transforming a relaxing soak into a truly therapeutic experience. (400g)

LUNA BATH + BODY OIL - Our Luna Bath and Body Oil is a nourishing blend to recharge the mind body + soul. perfect for an enhanced bath or daily meditation (150ml)

PINK GRAPEFRUITA blend of fine milled sea salt + coconut oil  with pink clay + grapefruit essential to gently exfoliate while nourishing + hydrating your skin Indulge your body with our  super skin softening scrub. a blend of  sea salts whipped with extra virgin coconut oil and pink c;lay which  leaves the skin feeling perfectly polished + beautifully moisturised. (400g)

CACAO + ROSE FACE MASK - Feed your beauty with our indulgent raw cacao and rose face mask. A protecting anti-oxidant dry mask to help repair the skin from damage + premature aging. (50g)