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Our cocoa + soy wax are hand-poured in Wales into beautiful frosted glass jars, each made from pure clean soy wax with delicious cocoa butter..All ingredients are ethically sourced and vegan friendly and contain only the finest pure essential oil.

Choose from.

DULCIS - a melody of honeyed Neroli blossom with top notes of Mandarin and candy-like tones of Tangerine gradually releases a sweet uplifting aroma.

ESSENCE - a refreshing and invigoration aroma. Clear + vibrant top note of lemon verbena, lively middle tones of fresh lemons combined with sweet Lemongrass + Grapefuit in a base of Basil. 

Size 230g wax approx 45 hour burn time.

Although our candles contain cocoa butter, they are not massage candles.

Ensure to burn your candle for at least 90 minutes when lighting. Repeated short burns will cause tunnelling.
Do not burn for longer than 4 hours.
Never leave a candle unattended when lit.
Keep away from open windows.
Keep out of reach of children & pets.
Keep away from flammable objects.
Do not handle when lit and allow to cool down before handling.