Bamboo washable Pads with Laundry Bag.

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Each set contains 4 ECONOMICAL soft scrub pads and 12 soft makeup pads. Each scrub pad is perfect for cleaning off harder to remove make up. The soft pads are great for areas like the eyes. These zero waste make up remover pads are all you need.

EASY TO USE -  Cleansing with oil has never been easier with these bamboo make up remover pads. Just dampen your bamboo pad and apply your Oli cleanser to the bamboo pads and gently remove your makeup in just a few wipes.

ECO-FRIENDLY - The bamboo makeup remover pads are reusable and come with a handy laundry bag. 

KIND TO ALL SKIN TYPES - The reusable pads are suitable for all skin types and deeply cleanse face and eyes, remove makeup, creams and dirt. 

Why Choose Bamboo?
It is a sustainable, fast-growing, naturally renewable resource
It requires only little water to grow
Bamboo fibers are anti-bacterial